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Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Hello everyone, this post marks the end of HIBISCGYARU

Since the beginning of the year, theres been a clear problem with drama and friendships and lots of stuff and theres always been a funny tension in the air since that. HIBISCGYARU has always been a blast and its been great to get to know everyone and to meet all the people that have passed through over the past 2 years but I feel that due to recent events and old things, its time for the circle to close.

The circle isn't closing because of one particular thing, its just the time for HIB to fade out. HIB has always been something different to everyone and in the end, it hasn't all really gone to plan or turned out the way it could have done. Everyone knows that all the members are good people and kind and yes there is the two friendship groups, and yes, obviously I have a bad attitude about certain issues and people, but thats always going to be just my opinion and ive never meaned to involve the circle in my ranting and raving in anyway.

I don't want people to see HIB as another BOOTEEK as we all know that's not the case, id just rather people actually respected the circle and its members as real people, rather than just bitches on the net (which is mainly due to me, yes I don't mind taking that blame) but I hope you can see where im coming from.

Im not sure what will happen after this, but ive never had such an amazing time in my life since meeting everybody, and meeting new people has actually boostd my confidence (maybe a little bit too much) but I think its made me a better person in the long run

Thank you all~

Monday, 26 April 2010

Get involved with our DVD!

Do you want to get involved and help with our upcoming DVD?

AS mentioned in the previous journal, we'll be adding extras and bonuses and we want your help!

We need you to send us questions that we can ask each member to display as part of a questionnaire for the DVD. Ask anything! Ever wanted to know how each member got into gal? Or each member's faveorite music? Ask away!

Send the questions here:


Sunday, 25 April 2010

HIBISCGYARU~Gyarusa ParaPara

I don't know if many of you guys knew about the project we were doing, but if not, im announcing it here!

HIBISCGYARU is making it's very own Para DVD! Of course it will have dances, but there will also be a lot of extras and bonuses on there too! We've taken inspiration from the Egg DVD, such as the kind of makeup the girls use and so on

We'll be shooting the DVD the same weekend as the London MCM Expo on Saturday 29th May 2010 and Sunday 30th May 2010, so if you fancy stopping by to say hello, or want to see some of the magic happen, come down!

Im so excited to share news like this with everyone! Not that its like a secret or anything (haha), but because its a big project and I really hope everything goes well. We've faced all kinds of critism, me the most (which I couldn't care less about) so I just want this to be good!

As we're still working on extras, what kind of stuff would you guys like to see on the bonus parts?

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Hi gals!

Just did a bit of editing to the HIBISCGYARU website and added some new photos, a video, and changed some of the upcoming events and news on the front page.

The video i've uploaded is part 1 of Kokoshira (the tv segment me and Niijii were on) and im currently sorting out part 2. If you haven't got me on Facebook, you won't have seen it yet, so watch it on our website (and if it has "playing problems", just watch it directly on the Veoh site; the link is at the bottom of the video)



Sunday, 7 February 2010

egg March 2010

Most of you know about me and Niijii going to Japan and our happenings with Fuji TV. We went to look for egg magazine yesterday and were surprised to see this small photo in the page before last:

"They came to Japan from England to see Aina. Thank you so much ♥ "

(thanks to Heather)

We didn't even know or expect to be in egg! We asked the film crew if we would be in it and they said we wouldn't, so its a nice surprise! Even if it's small, its still sweet of them to mention us! Thank you egg magazine!

Thursday, 4 February 2010


Hello and welcome to the official HIBISCGYARU blog! We've moved from livejournal, and want a fresh start for blogging. Catch up with all of our escapades here!